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This product uses the Flickr API but is not endorsed or certified by Flickr.

Every image on this site has been tagged with a license that allows for commercial use in certain situations. This site makes no claims as to the validity of those tags; it simply generates lists of images according to publicly available information. If you hover over an image, the license information should be displayed in your browser.

For this site to function properly, it must store a session cookie in your browser. Please make sure cookies are turned on. The cookie is only used as a reference so that we can save your images until you export them.

Do not rely on the session information to persist! Assume that after you close your browser window, all saved images are lost and will have to be searched for again.

The Flickr API restricts results to the first 4,000 images for any search. Many searches will turn up more images than this. Unfortunately, there is no way to view the entire result set. The Flickr API TOS also prohibits displaying more than 30 images at a time.

When exported, the largest available versions of your saved images are gathered into a single .ZIP archive. A seperate .CSV file is included in the archive for every image. The .CSV file lists license information, provides links to the image on Flickr, and includes information on the owner of the image. The information in the .CSV file is intended to allow you to meet attribution requirements and/or follow up individually with the photographer or artist. The files are named after the Flickr image IDs.