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WordPress Plugin Foundation

The WordPress Plugin Foundation exposes WordPress APIs via a simple declarative YAML syntax. It also provides a solid, clear, consistent structure for any project that uses it. is powered in part by WPF. Here is the YAML that created the Project Post Type you are looking at right now:

- Slug: project
  Singular: project
  Plural: projects
  Capability Type: [project, projects]
  Supports: [title, editor, excerpt]
  Editor Roles: [super administrator, administrator]
    all_items: Projects
    menu_name: Projects
  Meta Boxes:
    - ID: project_info
      Title: Project Information
        - Name: live_url
          Title: Live URL
          HTML: <p class="tip"><em>Include http:// or https://.</em></p>
          Type: textbox
        - Name: repository_url
          Title: Repo URL
          Type: textbox
        - Name: documentation_url
          Title: Documentation URL
          Type: textbox
        - Name: download_url
          Title: Download URL
          Type: textbox
        - Name: languages
          Title: Languages Used
          Type: textbox
          Repeatable: true
          Repeat Button Text: add another language
        - Name: infrastructure
          Title: Libraries, CMSs, and other code bases used
          Type: textbox
          Repeatable: true
          Repeat Button Text: add another library
        - Name: image
          Type: image
          Title: Project Image

The Fields items get converted to data entry fields in the WordPress backend. Custom fields of all types are built-in to WPF: colors, dates, files, etc., and there is a simple system in place to create and use your own field types in the backend.

The YAML configuration files store easily in version control, can be edited by anyone with a text editor and a few minutes training, and expose far more than just the custom post types API.

  • PHP
  • CSS
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • YAML
  • jQuery
  • jQuery UI
  • WordPress